CB Series

The CB Series is a high efficacy LED corn bulb delivering 360° spherical wide angle optics and providing a cost-effective retrofit solution for mainstream HID lamps with standard E26 and E40 bulb sockets. Advanced Thermal Technology enables low LED junction temperatures (Tj) to ensure long LED lifespan. Ideal for budgetary low bay lighting projects, the CB Series provides significant savings with virtually zero costs associated with labor and parts, while driving quality and efficiency.

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LU Series

The LU Series is an IP67-rated LED linear industrial utility light providing reliability and visual clarity for variety of mid-low bay lighting applications such as parking structures, manufacturing facilities and warehouses. This tri-proof fixture delivers ultra-wide glare free, 155° uniform lighting with an optional all-inclusive emergency battery backup system and motion sensor with soft dimming function.

A light weight, robust structural design with IK10-impact rating ensures long lifespan for all industrial applications. The LU Series incorporates versatile mounting systems and has an accessible junction box for easy wiring and end to end installation.

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IL280 Series

The IL280 series is a compact, low profile LED industrial light designed to replace traditional HID fixtures up to 250 Watt. Its patented thermal management system ensures low operating temperatures and an industry leading life expectancy of over 145,000 hours, with virtually zero fixture maintenance.

Proprietary optical system enables glare-free uniform lighting to ensure improved productivity and safety for all industrial applications. This IP68-rated, robust fixture is available with an optional wireless smart technology for maximum energy savings and greater flexibility, all with an exceptional 10-year limited warranty.

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IL3525 Series

The IL3525 Series is the next generation of IP68-rated LED industrial lighting for mid-low–bay applications. Its compact design incorporates the industry’s highest power density and is available in numerous choices of mounting systems and optics for a wide range of light distribution patterns.

The butterfly optical design delivers wide angle ultra-bright uniform light output, and its patented thermal technology ensures low LED junction temperatures (Tj) with extended lumen maintenance and virtually zero fixture maintenance. The IL3525 is available with optional wireless technology and has an industry leading 10-year limited warranty.

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IL450 Series

The IL450 Series is a technologically advanced LED industrial luminaire available in numerous choices of optics and versatile mounting systems for variety of mid-high bay industrial applications. Its robust die-cast aluminium housing incorporates a patented air bi-pass convection system ensuring long LED life with extended lumen maintenance and virtually zero fixture maintenance.

The proprietary reflector controlled optical system delivers high efficacy, glare-free uniform lighting for exceptional visibility in all production processes. The IL450 is an IP68 rated robust industrial fixture available with optional wireless smart control.

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