ILX450 Series

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Light Emitting Designs’ ILX450 series is an IP68, industrial-grade LED fixture engineered specifically for extreme applications that require high ambient operating temperatures and corrosive environments. It is a marine-rated fixture that comes with dual-layer powder coating and an optional IK07-rated tempered glass lens, ideal for applications that require high-pressure washing, such as food processing plants. ILX450 precisely illuminates industrial workspaces with wide-angle light distribution and high uniformity.

  • IP68 rated hazardous area LED industrial light
  • High-tech design with durable construction
  • NEMA 4X industrial grade Dura-Guard double layer epoxy coating
  • Ultra bright industry leading high efficacy
  • High heat rating with an operational temperature of - 40 ~ + 65°C
  • Marine rated stainless steel components and trimmings
  • CRI: 75 @ 3000K / 4000K / 5000K
  • 75 / 100 / 120 / 150 / 185 / 220 watt configurations with various optics
  • L70 Rating @ Ta 25°C ≥ 160,000 hours
  • PIR motion & daylight sensor
  • Surge and transient voltage protection of up to 6kV / 3kA, optional 20kV / 10kA
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • Designed and engineered in the USA



  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Food processing
  • Foundries
  • Power Generation
  • Paper and Pulp Mills
  • Grain Mills
  • Desalination Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Water & Sewage
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Safety & Compliance
Cal Trans Metro Link
Cal Trans Metro Link
CAL Trans Metro Link

Light Emitting Designs IL450 LED industrial lights were installed in several off grid Cal Trans Metro Link projects throughout California, USA. The projects required heavy duty, high output LED industrial work lamps exposed to rigorous outdoor environments.

Hitachi Automotive Plant_1
Hitachi Automotive Plant_2
Hitachi Automotive Plant_3
Hitachi Automotive Plant_4
Hitachi Automotive Plant

Light Emitting Designs IL450 industrial lights were installed in the 60,000 square-meter facility in Queretaro, Mexico. The project required IP68 (air, vapor and dust proof) rated, high reliability fixtures with virtually zero low maintenance cost or downtime.

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Hydro Electric Power Plant_1
Hydro Electric Power Plant_2
Hydro Electric Power Plant_3
Hydro Electric Power Plant_4
Hydro Electric Power Plant_5
Hydro Electric Power Plant

Light Emitting Designs IL450 LED industrial lights were installed in this 52 megawatt Power Plant built and powered by Cateprillar for the country of Myanmar. The project required high output, reliable LED industrial lighting in a demanding environment with excessively high ambient temperatures in the steam turbine generating facility.

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Water Desalination Plant_1
Water Desalination Plant_2
Water Desalination Plant_3
Water Desalination Plant_4
Water Desalination Plant_5
Water Desalination Plant_6
Water Desalination Plant_7
Water Desalination Plant_8
Water Desalination Plant

Light Emitting Designs IL450 LED industrial light and RWLII LED roadway light fixtures were installed at the world largest water desalination plant located in Sorek, Israel. The 100,000 square meter facility required state of the art control systems with IP68 (air, vapor and dust proof) rated fixtures use in a highly corrosive environment on the coastline

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NASA Mars Rocket Testing Facility

Global leading aerospace and defense technologies contractor Orbital ATK has chosen Light Emitting Designs ILX450-220W extreme application fixtures as the sole light fixture to be used in the rocket booster testing facility for the slated 2030 manned mission to Mars by NASA.  ILX450 was selected for its durability in hazardous conditions and high heat resistance.

  • Cal Trans Metro LinkCAL Trans Metro Link
  • Hitachi Automotive Plant_1Hitachi Automotive Plant
  • Hydro Electric Power Plant_1Hydro Electric Power Plant
  • Water Desalination Plant_1Water Desalination Plant
  • NASA-Mars-Rocket-Testing-FacilityNASA Mars Rocket Testing Facility