ILX280 Series

The ILX280 Series is an ultra-reliable, high temperature rated fixture designed to replace up to 250Watt HID fixtures in hot zones found in steel mills, paper and pulp mills and power plants. Its patented thermal management system ensures low operating temperatures and an industry leading life expectancy of over 145,000 hours, with zero fixture maintenance.

Its compact low profile design incorporates a proprietary optical system delivering numerous high efficacy lumen packages in various with versatile mounting options. This IP69K-rated fixture has an exceptional 10-year limited warranty and is available with an optional wireless smart technology for greater flexibility and maximizing energy savings.

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ILX3525 Series

The ILX3525 Series heavy industrial luminaire is designed for extreme applications in high temperature zones. Technologically advanced thermal management and its high efficiency LED driver enables long lifespan with virtually zero maintenance in high ambient temperature environments found in steel mills, paper and pulp mills and power plants. Its advanced thermal technology enables low LED junction temperatures (Tj) for maintenance free long lifespan

The ILX3525 incorporates a high tech industrial grade LED driver delivering an outstanding 95% efficiency and is designed to last over 60,000 hours in harsh environments with high operating ambient temperatures.

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ILX450 Series

The ILX450 Series sets the industry’s benchmark for reliable and energy efficient LED luminaires operating in extreme environments with high ambient temperature. This IP69K-rated fixture is available in numerous lumen packages, optical configurations, and mounting systems to cover all stages of production in steel smelters, glass manufacturing plants and paper & pulp mills.

Its robust die-cast aluminium housing incorporates a patented air bi-pass convection system ensuring low LED operating temperatures, resulting in long LED lifespan with extended lumen maintenance and virtually zero fixture maintenance. The ILX450 proprietary reflector optical system enables high efficacy uniform lighting. Available with an Optional wireless smart control system enabling greater savings and flexibility

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