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Light Emitting Designs is a world leading manufacturer of high-quality LED luminaires for heavy industrial applications. Designed and engineered at our headquarters in United States, our sales and marketing offices span across all six continents.

Our patented advanced technologies deliver ultra-reliable and efficient lighting fixtures for all applications of the industrial sector. Light Emitting Designs product line is tailored to provide flexible lighting solutions for the most demanding environments such as hazardous location, food & beverage processing, and corrosive areas. From our flagship heavy Industrial High-Bays to our Corrosion Resistant fixtures, Light Emitting Designs offers the most versatile mounting and optical choices in the industry.

Within the past 20 years, Light Emitting Designs fixtures have maximized the quality and productivity in heavy industrial working environments, while reducing energy and maintenance costs. With an industry leading track record of quality and warranty from thousands of satisfied customers, Light Emitting Designs is here to help you choose the right lighting solutions to meet your needs.

Watch the videos of our flagship products.

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