ILX5530 Series

The ILX5530 Series is the first true corrosion resistant, NSF certified and P69K hermetically sealed LED industrial luminaire specifically designed to withstand the extreme corrosive environments. This high efficacy fixture is constructed from a specially treated marine rated SUS316 stainless steel with a sloped surface design enabling easy clean-up during high pressure chemical wash-downs and reducing residue and bacteria build up.

The proprietary polymer lens incorporates space age technology for unmatched corrosive resistance in acidic and caustic environments. The ILX5530 Series is available in various optics enabling, glare-free high CRI uniform lighting for all stages of hazardous corrosive area operations.

US & International patents pending

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RWX600 Series

The RWX600 Series is the first true corrosion resistant, pole mounted area / site luminaire designed specifically to withstand the extreme corrosive environments found in offshore oil & gas and underground mining operations.

This P66 rated easy to install area luminaire is ideal for offshore oil platforms, terminals & tank farms to sub-surface mineshafts. Field serviceable cost effective modularized light engine and LED driver prolongs fixture usage far beyond its warranty period. The RWX600 is available with an optional dusk-to-dawn built in daylight sensor designed to work year-round.

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