What is Energy-Efficiency Financing?

Upfront fixture costs are a major barrier to LED adoption; Energy-Efficiency Financing provides the solution!

Step 1: LeD’s partner bank purchases LED fixtures and pays installation costs directly for the end user (i.e. your company)

Step 2: LED lights are installed immediately and energy savings begin

Step 3: Project is paid for by energy bill savings at the end of each month

Step 4: End user purchases the complete project for a symbolic $1 at the end of the bank’s ROI period

Benefits of Energy-Efficiency Financing?

Positive Cash Flow

Your monthly payment towards your retrofit will never be above your energy bill. You will always be able to maintain positive cash flow.

Tax Advantages

Customers may be eligible for huge tax incentives associated with purchasing LED lighting. Light Emitting Designs’ products are 100% tax deductible within 2 1/2 years.

Full-Service Financing Partner

Complete, hands-off project financing with no upfront capital required. Light Emitting Designs’ objective is to ensure that our customers understand each and every step along the way.

Customized Financing Packages

LeD offers a wide array of financing, ranging from municipalities, to publicly traded companies. Every LeD financing is catered to each business and their specific needs.

Transparent Rates

No escalation rates, and no performance contract, PERIOD. LeD Financial Services will never hide or misrepresent the financing process.

Contact LeD for more information about how to get started with Energy-Efficiency Financing for your lighting project!

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