It is estimated that lighting accounts for 20% of total energy consumed globally. Furthermore, an estimated 70% of global energy produced comes from fossil fuel sources. This means that electricity expenditure for inefficient traditional lighting is directly linked to increased burning of fossil fuels, and therefore greenhouse gas emissions, airborne carcinogens, and other pollutants. Recently, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has claimed that energy related CO2 emissions are at historic highs and have estimated that these emissions may double by 2050.

It is with these studies in mind that the world’s top scientists have targeted for half of all power to come from green sources by 2035. Light Emitting Designs echoes these beliefs and has created products to help minimize environmental impact. Our Carbon Calculator can help you understand the environmental impact of inefficient lighting on our planet. Carbon Calculator can help you understand how Light Emitting Designs’ works for a greener planet.

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Return on Investment (ROI)

Light Emitting Designs’ industry leading reliability and efficiency of its LED fixtures provides customers with superior lighting solutions and exceptionally short payback periods. Our energy efficient and high quality lighting fixtures deliver maximum savings and lower ownership costs throughout its lifespan.

Light Emitting Designs’ online Energy Savings Calculator is a useful tool to calculate energy savings and return on investments (ROI) for all industrial projects. Customize your own lighting applications and see the reality in potential savings by installing Light Emitting Designs’ products.

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